The world has been in data generation mode for the last two to three decades. If you think about it for a second, we have seen in the last decades the rise and evolution of digital files, personal computers, the internet, mobile-integrated cameras, smart phones, social media, mobile applications, tablets, etc. All these devices and technologies contribute to data generation and data capturing.

How to use and leverage all this generated data? How to make sense of this large data when there aren’t enough eyes to examine it all?! These challenges have been and will be fueling the rise and growth of Big Data. In this state of transition towards more real-time autonomous data analysis, we at Massive Dynamics recognize that there are ample of opportunities to push the boundaries of data science beyond the commonly used machine learning techniques and frameworks.

Who needs us

We have developed advanced technology and algorithms to uncover complex patterns and relationships, which are subtle and deeply hidden in massive data sets. The extracted insights can also be generated in real-time, where the mathematical patterns and relationships can be deciphered and translated to plain English using artificial intelligence for instance. Read more about our technology.

Our capabilities and frameworks are indeed very general, and have a wide spectrum of applications. Nevertheless, our goal is to help large enterprises with their Big Data challenges. In particular, our primary focus has been in the Consumer Packaged Goods and retail sectors, for which we have developed a collection of high value frameworks and solutions. Read More about our solutions.