We delve deep in market, consumer, and enterprise data. We use our technology to unconventionally design and tune a collection of marketing and brand management activities. If your enterprise goals do not fall under the categories below, we can examine your objectives and evaluate how to best serve you.

Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing

It is not difficult to conceive how marketing a given product or service to a target set of consumers – a seemingly simple task – is a Big Data challenge. Adding up consumer attributes (age, sex, address, ethnicity, income level, etc.), consumer behavior (purchasing history, search history, price sensitivity, etc.) and sensitivity to various marketing methods (email, mail, TV, coupons, rebates, etc.), the parameter space grows very quickly!

Product Design

Product design

Designing and formulating a new product or service often takes place in an innovation lab or an ideation/brainstorming environment. The objectives always revolve around defining the desired features and key characteristics that attract the consumer. This process is highly qualitative and often relies on personal experience arguments, which may or may not be valid. We can provide a thorough quantitative framework to structure this process, thereby testing and scrutinizing various design assumptions/hypotheses against market and enterprise data.

Trade Promotion

Trade promotions

Trade promotions have a wide range of uses and benefits: increasing sales of a given product, promoting a product category, promoting the company brand overall, offloading an inventory build-up, etc. The effectiveness of trade promotions and their efficiency are clearly paramount to ensure enterprise competiveness in the marketplace. We have built cutting edge algorithms to optimize trade promotions based on trade elements, product attributes, store advertisement features, seasonality, the landscape of competitive products, etc.